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We love the neighborhood. The house is beautifully renovated, and it feels like HOME. The staff was so helpful in the process, we are excited for our time here at Fort Novosel.

Jared W.
Fort Novosel


It was very easy to submit the work order and the website was very user friendly. I received a response quickly and had a tech out that day.

Navajo Village


I am a single mom and was desperately wanting to move on base to make life easier. The staff have been helpful since day one and are so friendly! Also, my house was in such great shape moving in.

McNarney Manor


The staff and maintenance crew were amazing! They were always very helpful, and made time for us even if the repair or issue was a very small routine fix. On more than one occasion, the maintenance crew members just stopped if we were outside to say hello or if my wife needed help carrying groceries. Best crew around overall from what I've seen in 21 years in the Navy.



This is my second time dealing with housing within 24 years in the Navy. Another successful process…You have set the bar in this moving transition, especially accommodating my special needs daughter. The process was smooth; excellent communication closed the loop in all my needs…you have taken a significant burden off of my shoulders, knowing my family have a home right away.

Anelita K.
Camp Pendleton


Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Definitely the best resident services I have experienced in my 10 years in the Navy!

Anthony J.
Willoughby Bay


Our experience here has been amazing. All office and maintenance teams are so sweet, very caring and do truly care. Every maintenance issue was fixed either same day or next day…We love the layout and have been able to fit our huge couch in the living room, a king with tv and two side tables in the master, and the kitchen has plenty of storage and space.

Emily H.
Willoughby Bay


We've been here for almost a year!! it has been a wonderful experience for our whole family!!! The people and Staff here truly are awesome and amazing people!! 100% happy here!

Kaitlynn E.
Aero Orleck


We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The neighborhood is beautiful and maintained well. The homes are beautiful single family homes. The staff and the neighbors have been so kind and welcoming.

Christie G.


We have been here eight months and have absolutely zero issues living in the neighborhood. Definitely enjoying living on base and working just under a mile away.

Ritchie T.


Office Staff and maintenance crew are very kind and polite they are always ready to help and assist in every way. The technician team are prompt and experts at their own field. We are happy with our housing, feel secured and blessed to be living and enjoying our time here.

Ai E.
Norfolk Pointe


The best quality is definitely their timely and quality service. If your issue is not resolved, they will keep coming until you're satisfied with the result or there's nothing else they can do. I kid you not, I was on the phone with them and they were providing me with excellent service up to the very hour that I moved out. They could have said "Eh he's practically not a resident anymore, we don't need to help him." But they did. They really care about their residents and it truly shows.

Brody N.
Fort Willoughby


All of the staff have been incredible, and it's been so amazing to feel at home so quickly. The housing has been even better than we expected. My husband and I are so grateful for everything the staff had helped us with.

Candace J.


Maintenance has been on top of all of my requests and fixed things promptly.

Angie B.
Joint Base Lewis McChord


This is a great place to live. Great value in a truly unique and spectacular location that boasts caring and attentive property management, community events, good schools and great neighbors.

Joshua P.


Every maintenance request we've put in since living here has been a great experience! The staff has always been friendly and myself and my husband have been shocked at how quickly our requests have been completed. Thank you for the promptness!

Stephanie D.
Patuxent River

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