Our Core Goals

Building strong communities is essential for a stronger, more resilient Armed Forces. The core goal of the Military Housing Association (MHA) is to provide high-quality housing, community amenities, and responsive property management services for service members and their families living in privatized military housing communities.  The MHA was formed to provide a forum of industry leaders in the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) to work together and with military families, the Department of Defense and Congress to continuously improve the quality and sustainability of housing available to service members and their families. The MHA represents leading members of the military housing public-private partnership industry, including Balfour Beatty Communities, Corvias, Hunt Military Communities, Liberty Military Housing, Patrician Management, and the Michaels Organization. All companies that participate in the MHPI have been invited to join MHA.

Solutions for Military Families

MHA members are actively responding to the concerns of military families and policymakers. MHA members immediately worked to assess their operations and have progressively implemented solutions to expand and enhance their services as they continue to work with military families, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Congress to make improvements.  The following are some examples of steps already taken by MHA members:

  • Introducing new mobile apps and resident portals that streamline the process for handling service requests by allowing residents to submit, track, and manage maintenance requests from their mobile devices;
  • Implementing new protocols for service orders, including new notifications to residents when service orders are opened and completed, additional surveying and telephone follow-up to ensure that families are satisfied;
  • Promoting new channels for listening to resident concerns, including town halls, open forums and other opportunities for in-person engagement;
  • Retaining third-party experts to recommend enhancements to existing maintenance policies and procedures, hiring additional specialists, providing additional training for maintenance staff and technicians, and continuing to engage licensed and accredited third-party contractors.

Where We Stand

The Military Housing Association strongly supports policies that strengthen tenant rights, increase the purchasing power of military families, and maintain the financial stability of the program. MHA members continue to advocate for the following policies with our military partners and Congress.

Tenant Bill of Rights

MHA members continue to work with each Service Branch to implement the Tenant Bill of Rights. MHA members have launched innovative mobile apps that allow residents to quickly submit and track service requests. MHA members also support principles that guarantee military families safe and healthy homes and communities, professional property management services, and prompt, professional maintenance services.

Standardized, Easy-To-Understand Policies

MHA members are developing a universal lease – in coordination with the DoD and Service Branch partners – to harmonize rent and lease terms across all Service Branches, making the renting process easier to understand and consistent for residents who experience many moves throughout military deployments.

100% Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) 

Service members and their families deserve their BAH to be 100% funded, guaranteeing their total housing costs are covered by the military. Strengthening the purchasing power of military families will strengthen military readiness. Between 2015 and 2019, BAH covered between 99% to 95% of rental costs for service members. DoD and Congress must ensure BAH is fully funded and not diverted to other priorities.

Accurate BAH Calculation

MHA members support a more transparent process to develop BAH rates that more accurately reflect market rates. In 2019, MHA member companies supported a measure requiring the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Comptroller General to review the BAH rate determination process to help increase transparency. More accurate BAH rates will increase the financial stability of each military community investment.

Fair Dispute Resolution

Establishing a fair, standardized, and simplified dispute resolution process for MHA members and residents will strengthen the MHPI program and instill confidence in the outcomes of formal disputes.