Letter: “THIS is the reason my husband and I decided to live on base.”

Shaina writes about the “exemplary customer service” she experienced living in military housing.

June 7, 2019

To Whom it May Concern,

I’m writing to formally praise one of your employees, Jesus S., for his exemplary customer service.

In June our AC stopped working and maintenance personnel brought a temporary portable AC machine to get us through the night. He explained that there was only ONE employee certified to fix ACs currently and we were the 10th call that night. With that in mind, I was surprised when Jesus came early that morning to begin diagnosing the problem, and was instantly impressed that he did not appear overwhelmed in the slightest. His demeanor was confident, polite, empathic and completely professional. It took a few days to fix the problem, and we had power outages during this time as well. Seeing that we have three young children under 5 years old, and that the house was already 87 degrees, he advocated for us to stay at the lodge before I even had a chance to make the request. Over those several days, he would partner with me about when to expect him to arrive at the house, and EVERY time he was true to his word.

This week Jesus responded again to one of our maintenance requests that involved a water leak. Not only was he there within the hour of the request, but he insisted on fixing our other two outstanding maintenance requests almost joyfully.

THIS is the reason my husband and I decided to live on base. We have three young children, we have NO family that lives closer than Chicago, my husband is deployed almost this entire year, and I work as a pediatric intensive care nurse. Our life is so packed already, and we purposely chose to NOT buy a house this year specifically so we had peace of mind in relation to household repairs.

While all my experiences with Lincoln housing have been good, Jesus went above and beyond and deserves the upmost praise. I literally prayed to Jesus during the AC fiasco because it was such a tough week already for our family. I smiled when I read Jesus S.’s name tag when he came to our door.

With the Upmost Thanks and Appreciation,

Shaina M.


Lincoln Military Housing is now Liberty Military Housing, an employee-owned company.