This May, the Military Housing Association salutes military spouses. We are proud of our role in supporting military spouses through exceptional communities and an unmatched resident experience.

Privatized military housing providers play a key role in the military family experience. More than 80 percent of spouses experience a PCS move during their family’s service supporting a loved one’s career in the Armed Services. Transitions are never easy, but we are proud that Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) housing helps facilitate those transitions by building military-centered communities on or near installations.

Engaged communities are critical to strengthening military families, which is why military housing providers invest in community centers, playgrounds, and other amenities to support military families and help build networks in on-base housing.

As members of the military community, we understand that spousal employment remains a critical issue for military families. MHA members employ military-affiliated individuals, including spouses, at installations around the country. Choosing a career in military family housing can help ensure that PCS moves do not interrupt careers. Military housing companies provide military spouses with opportunities for advancement, so they can build careers alongside their service member partners.

Read what some military spouses have to say about their careers with MHPI providers:

The Military Housing Association is proud to support military spouses this May in celebration of Military Spouse Appreciation Month.