We want to hear from you! The Military Housing Association (MHA) urges privatized military housing residents to participate in the annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

Surveys for the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps are now open. Air Force residents December 1, 2022. For Army and Marine Corps residents the deadline is December 16, 2022.

How you can participate

Please check your inbox! An independent survey company emailed each household a unique link to the survey, which is sponsored by the Department of Defense. All survey responses are anonymous.

Why your feedback is important

The annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey provides crucial information on customer service, home quality, maintenance, and community amenities at the local level.

Completing the Tenant Satisfaction Survey helps the Department of Defense and landlords ensure military housing meets the expectations of residents.

Leading military housing providers have used these survey results to inform their decisions and introduce new ways to communicate with residents, including updating the process to send service requests. Survey results have also informed decisions third-party maintenance experts and revising environmental protocols.

Military family housing providers are committed to delivering top-quality customer service and resident experiences. In addition to the survey, MHA member companies provide multiple avenues for residents to real-time feedback on their experiences, including Town Halls, community meetings, and pulse surveys.

Contact your survey administrator for more information

If you have a question or did not receive a survey, please email the survey administrator at:

  • Air Force survey contact information: AirForceHousingSurvey@celassociates.com
  • Army survey contact information: ArmyHousingSurvey@celassociates.com
  • Marine Corps survey contact information: survey@RDNiehaus.com; 1-800-350-4888