Are you an active-duty military service member who lives in privatized military housing and have a housing concern? We encourage all eligible military residents to take advantage of the communications channels and independently administered processes available to resolve a housing concern.

How to Resolve a Military Housing Resident Concern

Step 1: Identify the Issue & Notify the Property Manager: Residents should immediately notify their property manager and follow any dispute resolution guidance in accordance with the terms of their lease agreement if they have a concern with their home. For maintenance related issues, report service requests using online tools provided by the property manager. The housing provider will work to promptly resolve the concern in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement. Also take advantage of the opportunity to electronically submit feedback on closed service requests to ensure work by the property manager was satisfactorily completed. If it is not satisfactorily completed, the property manager may follow up to rectify the situation.

Step 2: If Unsatisfied, Escalate the Concern Through the Service Branch: If the housing concern remains unresolved after attempting to resolve the concern with the property manager, the next step is to contact the installation’s Resident Advocate, the Government Military Housing Office (MHO), or the Installation Command, who will work with the property manager to resolve the issue.

Step 3: Utilize the Dispute Resolution Process: If the concern remains unresolved after exhausting steps 1 and 2, contact the MHO to initiate the Department of Defense Dispute Resolution Process (“DRP”). Military Residents must first attempt to resolve a concern informally at the installation level through the informal DRP. If the informal DRP does not resolve the matter, Military Residents can choose to initiate the formal DRP process.

Empowering Military Residents

Congress included the DRP in the Tenant Bill of Rights to empower eligible military residents with an enhanced process that fairly and efficiently resolves disputes with property managers. The DRP places military commanders at the heart of the process, giving the Installation or Regional Commander deciding authority.

The Military Housing Association and our members strongly support policies that protect tenant rights and continue to work with each Service Branch to ensure eligible military residents who reside in privatized military housing understand and utilize the informal and formal processes available to resolve a housing concern.