The Military Housing Association released the following statement detailing the work of leading privatized military housing providers to finalize implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights:

“The Military Housing Association (MHA) proudly serves as a forum for privatized military family housing companies to work together to identify and implement solutions that enhance the experience of Tenant living in privatized military housing. This includes implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights.

“As part of this effort, MHA members recently developed a universal lease document in partnership with the Department of Defense and service branch partners and introduced 7-year maintenance history pilot projects at installations across the country.

“We know that moving can be stressful for service members and their families, and we want to simplify the leasing process by developing forms and documents that are consistent regardless of the military housing community or provider.

“MHA member companies are currently coordinating, with the support of the Department of Defense and service branch partners, a review of the universal lease to ensure compliance with varying state and local laws. The universal lease is designed to include provisions to more efficiently resolve tenant disputes and to facilitate the withholding of Basic Allowance for Housing under a clearly defined process. MHA member companies are working to roll out the universal lease in coordination with the Department of Defense.”

About the Military Housing Association

The Military Housing Association was formed to provide a forum for its members to work together to ensure the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) continues to succeed in achieving its core goal – to provide high-quality housing, community amenities and responsive property management services for service members and their families living in privatized military housing communities. The MHA represents leading members of the military housing public-private partnership industry, including Balfour Beatty Communities, Corvias, Hunt Military Communities, Lincoln Military Housing, and Patrician Management.


Lincoln Military Housing is now Liberty Military Housing, an employee-owned company.