Military housing providers are proud to support military families by increasing educational opportunities for students. Frequent moves, deployments, and the demands of military life can have a profound impact on military families. With more than 900,000 thousand school-aged children in military families, it is critical to support their academic success.

Founded in 2001, the Army Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to assisting children and spouses of soldiers in achieving their educational dreams. With financial support from the Corvias Foundation, the Army Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships to children and spouses of soldiers in the U.S. Army.

Applications for Army Scholarship Foundation scholarships opened on January 15, 2024, and close on April 15, 2024. The children and spouses of regular active-duty personnel, active-duty Reserve, or active-duty National Guard U.S. Army members, and children of former U.S. Army members who received an honorable discharge, medical discharge, or who were killed in action are eligible to apply. Learn how to apply.

Military families, including active-duty soldiers and their dependents, often must overcome difficult challenges to succeed academically. Inconsistent instruction, learning gaps, social and support system gaps, and interrupted extracurriculars can put military family members at a disadvantage when applying for traditional scholarships. That’s why Corvias, through the Corvias Foundation, has provided more than $15 million in scholarships for military families and the children of Corvias employees since 2006.

To support the Army Scholarship Foundation, visit their website.