As part of a broad effort by Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) providers to improve energy efficiency in military family communities, Balfour Beatty Communities recently launched a large-scale renovation project to enhance the energy performance of 4,900 homes. Spread across 11 U.S. Navy installations, the $31 million in upgrades will improve both water and energy-conservation.

The privatized military housing improvements include new, high-efficiency HVAC systems, equipped with modern thermostats and bathroom exhaust-fan switches, upgrades that will cut down on mechanical outages and maintenance costs while improving the quality of living for military families. The project will also improve homes with weatherization sealing, domestic water retrofits, and LED lighting technology.

“These energy upgrades will immediately enhance the comfort of our residents across the Navy Southeast portfolio, and the future utility savings realized will be reinvested to fund further renovations and improvements,” said Ed Lopes, Vice President Project Development for Balfour Beatty Communities. “This project also directly supports the Department of Defense objective to improve the resiliency of our military installations.”

Military Housing Association (MHA) member companies are making military family housing more sustainable and secure, advancing the Department of Defense’s energy security goals. This is made possible through the MHPI, which enables industry leaders like Balfour Beatty Communities to utilize their project management expertise to provide world-class housing to military families. To date, MHA member companies have improved more than 30,000 privatized military homes with energy efficiency upgrades, with plans for similar upgrades to more than 24,000 additional homes. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable and secure military housing.