Privatized military housing partners are committed to supporting military partners through various energy-related initiatives. As the U.S. Army aims to reach 100% carbon-pollution-free electricity, Corvias is striving to provide on-base housing communities that are more energy efficient and help support overall Army goals. As part of this commitment, Corvias recently announced the completion of a project that will generate an estimated $240 million in utility savings over the next 30 years.

The project was made possible through a $325 million investment and encompassed renovations and energy efficiencies across nearly 22,000 Army homes, including brand-new water heaters, lighting, HVAC units, toilets, and shower heads. The project will lead to large-scale reductions in electricity, water, and natural gas consumption.

Corvias also has a proven track-record for solar projects.

“Fort Riley, Kansas, is now home to one of the largest solar programs in the state, due to Corvias’ investment in sustainable solar development,” said Pablo Varela, Senior Vice President, Renewable Energy & Utilities Management, at a recent Sevan Multi-Site Solutions’ Annual Symposium.

“Corvias continues to support the Army and their energy goals by incorporating creative funding opportunities, innovative development plans, and providing energy efficient communities through meaningful utility and infrastructure upgrades,” said Varela. “The benefits include long- term savings, resiliency and energy security to installations for tactical self-sufficiency, and a reduction in an installations’ carbon footprint, benefitting the environment.”

Looking ahead, Corvias is planning future energy-saving projects across their portfolio, including a new 4.4 MW solar ground mount at Fort Riley, a 13 MW solar ground mount at Fort Johnson, and the current development of 32 MW of solar projects at Fort Liberty. All these projects, and much more, are made possible by the innovative public-private partnerships forged between leading housing developers and the Service Branches, infusing military family housing communities with innovative and best-in-class practices that lead to more sustainable communities.