Corvias’ non-profit organization announced that it has awarded 18 scholarships to military spouses living in privatized military housing communities.

The awards will support the higher education of residents for the 2022/2023 school year, with awardees receiving $90,000 in total from the Corvias Foundation Military Spouse Scholarship Program to help address the military spouse unemployment rate.

“Corvias Foundation was founded to support and empower the military family community, which faces significant and unique challenges that arise from the nature of the industry,” said Executive Director Maria Montalvo. “Military spouses in particular face incredibly high unemployment rates and wage gaps. Frequent moves, deployments, childcare needs and more are obstacles that contribute to their career challenges. We established this scholarship program to combat these hardships and help military spouses earn a degree that will help provide for their families and their own professional future.”

Founded in 2006, the Corvias Foundation has awarded more than $15 million to more than 500 military dependents and is a private foundation founded by Corvias Chairman John Picerne to support education opportunities for military families.