Corvias’ privatized military partnership with the U.S. Army is launching phase three of its Fort Riley solar energy program to increase renewable power generation by 4.4MW. The installation of two ground mounted solar systems in the housing community will enable the Fort Riley project to generate 17MW to power more than 40% of Fort Riley homes. The project will incorporate a microgrid that can provide backup power to housing and other mission-critical facilities in an emergency.

“Corvias’ energy services are an extension of our commitment to helping our partners achieve their goals while materially improving the community in which we live and serve,” said Corvias Managing Director Peter Sims. “The Fort Riley solar program is a great example of how the Military Housing Privatization Initiative can contribute to the greater goals of the Army such as providing 100% carbon pollution-free electricity for installation needs by 2030.”

Supporting the Army’s energy independence goals, the project’s completion will deliver more than 38MW of power across Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) partnerships at Fort Riley, Fort Meade, and Aberdeen Proving Ground. The Fort Riley upgrades are being made in conjunction with other housing improvements on base, including 32 newly renovated homes and the current construction of more than 40 duplexes for senior noncommissioned officers.