Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now take advantage of a new in-home charging pilot program offered by Balfour Beatty Communities at Naval Submarine Base New London and Vandenberg Space Force Base.

The program enhances both Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) communities by offering residents Level 2 in-home charging capabilities through a partnership with TRO Energy Solutions, an electric vehicle service provider. Residents can choose from three available charging package options, allowing families to select a plan that best meets their needs.

The Department of Defense reported on the launch of the program:

SUBASE Commanding Officer Capt. Kenneth M. Curtin Jr. joined representatives from the Navy Family Housing team, BBC, Beacon Point Homes, and TRO Energy Solutions Inc. (TROES), in cutting a ribbon at one of the new in-home EV charging ports.

“I am delighted that our Nation’s first and finest submarine base was selected by Balfour Beatty Communities to be one of their first pilot locations for EV charging at home,” said Curtin.

Through an agreement with BBC, TROES, a national provider of EV-related services, is installing and maintaining Level 2 in-home charging capabilities in Beacon Point Homes.

Residents will have three available charging package options to best meet their needs, and TROES offers a special mobile device app for added convenience and streamlining account management.

“This pilot program is a win for all involved,” said Curtin. “Convenient, at-home EV charging for military members and families not only aligns with Federal and DOD goals but with responsible efforts by us all to be conscientious energy consumers and good stewards of the environment.”

…”I think the growth and attraction of electric vehicles will only continue,” noted Curtin. “Initiatives like this reap great dividends. They help determine the infrastructure and effort needed to expand EV usage both at home and work, and they improve the quality of life for our Sailors and their families.”

Congress created the MHPI to leverage private sector expertise and resources to sustainably improve military communities here at home. Learn more about how Balfour Beatty Communities is empowering military families through innovation while advancing the Department of Defense’s energy goals.