In Case You Missed It: MHA Senior Advisor General John Campbell (U.S. Army – Ret.) discusses the relationship between private housing companies and services to fully implement the Tenant Bill of Rights for military housing residents in an opinion piece for the Military Times.

Gen. (Ret.) Campbell writes:

MHA member companies are committed to providing the best quality housing, community amenities, and customer service for service members and their families across the over 140,000 homes they manage at over 150 military communities. To that end, MHA member companies have been working alongside the DoD and the respective services for over a year to ensure each TBOR provision is successfully implemented across the MHPI’s diverse portfolio.

Most service members can choose whether to live in a MHPI community or “off-base.” MHA members are dedicated to providing a quality living experience for service members and their families that goes beyond the TBOR. MHA member companies continue to take a number of steps to enhance the resident experience, including improving communications, establishing more streamlined processes, and providing enhanced virtual tools. We remain committed to building supportive communities for our military.