At select military installations, Corvias’ innovative privatized housing solutions for unaccompanied service members is supplying needed housing and garnering high demand. As the U.S. Army focuses its installation strategy on the attraction and retention of service members, high quality housing is a critical component.

Currently, Army housing needs for junior enlisted service members outpace availability and budget. Privatized housing partnerships can help solve this problem, providing high-quality housing for unaccompanied soldiers that leverage private sector financing.

At Fort Meade, Corvias offers an innovative solution with its garden-style apartment complex, Reece Crossings. The project is highly reviewed by occupants, receiving a high overall satisfaction score of 77 percent for leasing services, nearly 80 percent for property satisfaction, rating from the 2022 Department of Defense Tenant Satisfaction survey.

The $292 million total development, over the life of the project, complex was built under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), which allows private companies to assist the Department of Defense with increasing housing supply and supplementing limited budgets.

Corvias presented Military Times with a first-hand look on the success of privatized apartments at Fort Meade:

The idea of apartments on-post is gaining traction. While not widespread, privatized apartments have been built on military installations and have been proven to be successful. Helping to fill the demand, military apartments provide an alternative for unaccompanied soldiers, geo-bachelors, or those on temporary duty.

One such success story is the Reece Crossings apartment community located within Fort Meade, Maryland. Corvias developed this first-of-its-kind 432-unit military apartment community in 2012 under the authorities granted by the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI). The complex was designed as the first garden-style apartment complex developed for the Army. Today, at almost full occupancy, Reece Crossings boasts a near perfect resident satisfaction rating.

At Fort Liberty in North Carolina, the Randolph Point 432-unit apartment community receives stellar reviews, topping 90 percent for leasing, maintenance, and property satisfaction on annual DOD Tenant Satisfaction survey.

These unaccompanied housing projects allow residents to balance the opportunities of living in market-rate properties with the convenience of living on-base. Both complexes offer state-of-the art amenities, while maintaining military communities for their residents. Through the MHPI program, privatized providers like Corvias are helping to address on-base housing shortages and improve retention for the Armed Services.