The Tester reports how improved customer service at NAS Patuxent River is leading to higher resident satisfaction.

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Since February of this year, when the Navy took immediate actions to increase oversight and hold public private venture (PPV) partners accountable for timeliness benchmarks and improved customer service, Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) at NAS Patuxent River has responded to the call.

In recent months, LMH has fully staffed its maintenance department, which completed 780 work orders in the month of August and another 730 work orders in September, while still keeping up with the demand for emergency and urgent tickets.

“With the addition of new staff , which means a quicker response, Lincoln Military Housing is receiving higher marks on their ‘Satisfacts’ surveys,” said Ross Keene, housing director for Pax River, referring to the survey emailed to residents after each work order is completed. Keene is the DoN representative who serves as a liaison between military housing residents and LMH.

Keene also noted that semi-annual preventive maintenance – such as checking HVAC systems, smoke detectors, and various other conditions to ensure there are no issues within the home – is underway, starting with Challenger Estates. Power washing of the homes in Glenn Forest, Lovell Cove, Challenger Estates and Columbia Colony has been completed by a third party contractor, and tree trimming was also done within those neighborhoods.

LMH has gone from over 800 backlogged service tickets to less than 100 since February, when new LMH District Manager Gina Edwards came aboard, and Keene credits her for much of the improved effort.


Lincoln Military Housing is now Liberty Military Housing, an employee-owned company.