Leaders at Fort Lee recently unveiled newly renovated privatized military homes completed in partnership with Hunt Military Communities, which has worked with the Army since 2007 to continually improve on-base housing for military families.

Patrick Buffett with the U.S. Army reports:

A ribbon-cutting here Friday marked the return of 40 newly renovated homes to the installation’s privatized family housing inventory.

Phase one completion of the Harrison Villa project “is the latest step forward in a two-year, $27 million effort that will bring the oldest military family homes in the Fort Lee community up to modern standards with upgraded amenities and lower maintenance costs,” summarized Installation Housing Office Director Al Williams in his introductory remarks.

He encouraged the audience to “think about the significance” of the moment. “[It’s] fulfillment of the Army’s promise to provide a quality of life for service members and their families that is commensurate with their honorable and patriotic decision to serve in our U.S. Armed Forces,” he said.

Frenz provided a big-picture perspective of the HMC/Fort Lee partnership since 2007 in his remarks.

“In the first six years, we built 744 homes at Fort Lee,” he shared. “In 2018, we started the Jefferson Terrace project where we [replaced] 34 homes built in the 1950s. … We then moved on to Jackson Circle and its 174 renovations which we concluded late last year. … Those homes were built in the mid-to-late ‘90s. Now we stand here in Harrison Villa with 270 homes we started renovating back in March.”

The result when everything is completed, he summarized, is 444 renovations and 34 new home builds in a six year period at a cost of over $60 million.

…The Harrison Villa project will continue well into next year. According to a site supervisor with company doing the work – Paragon Construction – an average of four units per week can be completed by their renovation team, which can be as many as 40 individuals simultaneously working on a home at a time.