Today, approximately one third of active-duty military families live in privatized military housing communities through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI). The MHPI facilitates business partnerships that allow residential real estate developers to identify and implement innovative solutions that improve housing, amenities, and services for residents over the life of the 50-year agreements.

Military Housing Association (MHA) member companies are finalizing the implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights, which includes establishing new processes to further enhance the resident experience.

The 7-year maintenance history provides unprecedented transparency to service members when deciding where to live as they transfer to a new duty station. MHA member companies have been working with the Department of Defense and respective service branch partners to develop and roll out an easy-to-understand 7-year maintenance history of a home. Leveraging the MHA forum, leading military housing providers have developed operational best practices for this program that can be deployed across the industry.

Service members can either choose to live in privatized military housing on-base or live “off-base” in an area near an installation. The relocation process can be stressful and providing prospective residents with additional information about maintenance history will empower military families to choose a home that is right for them.

Rolling out this new program is a top priority for MHA member companies. Some companies have fully implemented a 7-year maintenance history program at every installation, while others have rolled out pilot projects and are in the process of implementing it more broadly across their portfolio. Implementing this program requires designing systems and streamlined procedures to efficiently produce maintenance report for more than 135,000 homes under member company management. Additionally, some companies will make the 7-year maintenance history program available to all individuals residing in their military housing properties, regardless of military status.

Providing this level of rental unit work history to prospective residents has never been done on this scale in either the military or civilian rental markets. MHA member companies are committed to providing every military family living on base access to the maintenance history of a home before they sign a lease.

MHA member companies are coordinating, with the support of the Department of Defense and service branch partners, on the full implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights. MHA members are committed to simplifying the leasing process for military families and providing more transparency as they choose where to lease their next home.