The Military Housing Association believes a critical element in the ongoing improvement of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) is effective Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) of work orders. As an industry-first initiative, MHA developed Common Standards to help MHA member companies ensure that they are conducting work order QA/QC in a consistent manner that best supports resident satisfaction and housing resiliency.

Eligibility for membership in MHA now requires members to confirm that they have commenced or will commence coordination with Armed Services partners to adopt a QA/QC program consistent with MHA’s standards.

MHA member companies certify that they will work with their Service Partners to meet common standards for maintenance, including work orders, preventative maintenance, inspections, resident satisfaction, and review and training. The MHA QA/QC Common Standards were developed with active input and collaboration between MHA member companies, which manage and maintain more than 175,000 privatized military homes.

“The Military Housing Association’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Common Standards bolsters the readiness of our Armed Forces by supporting resident satisfaction and ensuring the services of privatized housing providers meet the needs of military families,” said Ret. General John F. Campbell, senior advisor to the MHA.

The standards adhere to MHPI contract requirements, MHPI company current and aspirational practices, and targets based on best practices used in single-family and multifamily rental markets. They are designed to ensure work orders will be subject to quality control, while elevated standards will apply to work orders completed by third party vendors.

These standards expand upon steps that leading MHPI industry partners have already taken to enhance services and the quality of life for military families, including investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade and improve communities, expanding renewable power generation and energy efficiency improvement projects, and creating industry-leading services and standards critical to fully implementing the MHPI Tenant Bill of Rights.