Corvias recognizes the connection between comfortable, safe homes and the health and well-being of their residents. As a military family housing provider, Corvias is committed to ensuring that military families experience quality and healthy housing. To that end, Corvias recently announced the planned enrollment of 22,000 homes across seven military installations in the WELL residential program—making Corvias the largest participant in the program.

The WELL residential program is administered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the largest certification body for healthy buildings. The WELL residential program helps identify and measure ways that homes can support the health and resilience of residents, including considering contributing factors like air, water, light, thermal comfort, sound, materials, nourishment, community, mind, and movement.

Residents can sign up to stay informed about the program here:

The WELL standard prioritizes ongoing performance verification, ensuring that residents continue to receive healthy living environments from move-in to move-out. Since Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) providers manage many legacy homes constructed before the creation of the program, Corvias’ strategic approach relies on deploying interventions to improve air, water, and light quality to boost overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

At Fort Meade, Corvias has already successfully deployed the residential wellness prototype across a representative sample of homes, helping to improve environmental conditions to meet certifiable standards. The prototype program resulted in measurable improvements to indoor environment conditions, with 82% of participants sharing increased satisfaction with their housing following implementation. Working with the U.S. Army, Corvias aims to implement similar interventions across its full portfolio of 22,000 military homes.

Corvias CEO, Chris Wilson, says, “This is a foundational moment for creating and measuring standards for military housing. By joining the WELL for residential program, Corvias affirms our commitment to service members and their families and embodies our promise of Solutions Through Partnerships® to the U.S. Army.” He adds, “Joining this program also demonstrates our spirit of evolution. Corvias is excited about what we will learn to further support the well-being and resilience of military families, through the science of this third-party, evidence-based program.”

Launched in January 2024, the IWBI program understands that resilient homes help maintain resident well-being, while protecting against potential future health challenges. The evidence-based program is informed by more than 7,000 peer-reviewed studies.