Corvias recently announced the launch of a strategic partnership that enables maintenance teams across seven military installations in the company’s military housing portfolio to access technical training. The partnership with Interplay Learning fosters career growth for Corvias employees, while equipping maintenance teams with skills and knowledge needed to provide exceptional service.

The partnership allows on-site maintenance teams to have mobile access to technical training, including 3D simulations, which prioritizes safety training. The Interplay Learning system has been integrated into the company’s training program, which allows over 450 technicians to access training courses directly on their tablets.

“Our industry is constantly changing and requires us to stay up to date,” said Stanley Christensen, Corvias’ regional vice president of facilities. “Interplay Learning provides a partnership that keeps us sharp, and it’s well-received by our team because it’s modern and comprehensively covers the troubleshooting and technical issues they face.”

Interplay’s 3D simulations support Corvias technicians’ efforts by replicating real-world scenarios, allowing them to practice technical skills and enhance their abilities while minimizing disruption to daily responsibilities.

“We want to be trendsetters in our industry, recognized as the best at what we do,” said Christensen. “Training is key to achieving that goal, and Interplay is an invaluable partner in our journey towards world-class excellence.”

This innovative approach improves professional development while supporting Corvias’ commitment to exceptional resident service. The Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) program enables private companies to leverage expertise and partnerships outside of the military community to support residents. Innovative solutions, like Corvias’ partnership with Interplay, are made possible through the MHPI program.