On-base housing offers convenience and community to military members and their families. At Tinker Air Force Base, Balfour Beatty Community’s partnership with the U.S. Air Force puts families first and provides an exceptional resident experience.

The U.S. Air Force reports on the advantages of on-base housing at Tinker Air Force Base:

Tinker Air Force Base homes ensure families living on base enjoy high quality living standards through a combination of strategic partnerships and robust base services.

Living on base offers multiple advantages, including enhanced security, convenience, and a strong sense of community. Families enjoy access to amenities such as schools, healthcare services, and shopping centers right on their doorstep.

“Living in base housing is great. The people are nice and it’s safer,” said 2nd Lt. Aadarsha Basnet, 72nd Air Base Wing bioenvironmental engineer. “I don’t have to fight traffic to get to work. I have easy access to the pool, tracks, gym, running trails, gas station, recreation center and much more!”

…To further increase occupancy, the company has introduced a roommate program.

The roommate program enables single Airmen to share base housing, thus reducing their living expenses. Participants in the roommate program benefit from waived deposits and application fees.

…Special community-building events like seasonal crafts and BBQs are organized to strengthen the bonds among residents. Essential services such as paid utilities, landscaping and trash removal are included in the rent, simplifying daily living. Immediate maintenance responses highlight the base’s efforts in maintaining quality of life for its residents.

The Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) enables military families to live on or near bases, with exceptional housing quality and tight-knit communities. At Tinker Air Force Base, Balfour Beatty Communities has leveraged its private-sector expertise to provide innovative solutions to house Airmen and support quality-of-life.