Scholarship programs supporting the education of service members and their families are now accepting applications!

Each year, foundations established by Military Housing Association (MHA) member companies offer scholarships to advance the education of active duty service members and their families. Learn how these unique programs give back to those who serve our Armed Forces and how you can apply. Eligibility requirements vary with each scholarship opportunity.

Balfour Beatty Communities Foundation

Balfour Beatty Communities founded the Balfour Beatty Communities Foundation in 2007 to support residents pursuing a post-secondary education. Their Scholarship Program awards one-year scholarships to eligible students who excel in the classroom and make their community a better place to live. More than $100,000 in scholarships are available for the 2022/2023 school year. Learn more.

  • 2022 Scholarship Application Deadline: March 24

Corvias Foundation

The Corvias Foundation empowers families of those serving in the United States military. Recipients of the foundation’s military-dependent student scholarships receive a four-year college scholarship worth up to $50,000. Recipients of the military spouse scholarships are awarded $5,000. These funds may be used by spouses to pay tuition and other expenses required to complete their degree, including gas for transportation, a new computer, or childcare. Learn more.

  • 2022 Military-Dependent Student Scholarship Application Deadline: February 15
  • 2022 Military Spouse Scholarship Application Deadline: May 13

Hunt Heroes Foundation

The Hunt Heroes Foundation Scholarship Program, founded by Hunt Military Communities, supports active duty service members and their dependents and/or spouses pursuing their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarship America® administers the program, which is open to members of the military or their dependents of any age. This year, up to eighteen scholarships totaling $50,000 will be awarded. Learn more.

  • 2022 Scholarship Application Deadline: February 22

The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation

Founded in 1991, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation now awards funds for higher education at any accredited college, university, or vocational training program in the country under the Foundation’s Affordable and Military Program. Learn more.

  • 2022 Scholarship Application Deadline: April 15