Corvias understands that Permanent Change-of-Station (PCS) moves can be difficult for military families. Adjusting to finding work in new locations, setting up homes, and packing to move across the country strains military spouses, dependents, and active-duty members. For military spouses, the impacts can be greater. Licensing restrictions affect nearly one-third of employed military spouses—meaning they will need new credentials each time they relocate. That’s why the Corvias Foundation is partnering with the National Military Family Association (NMFA) to combat military spouse unemployment.

This month, Corvias Foundation and NMFA announced the 2024 scholarship recipients to continue addressing the problem of licensure and certification costs for military spouses. The 2024 scholarships were awarded to 24 spouses of active-duty military members serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force.

Since the scholarship’s inception, the Corvias Foundation and NMFA have provided more than $140,000 to 172 military spouses. Assisting spouses with meeting their career aspirations helps to ensure the readiness of our Armed Forces and improves quality-of-life for our military families.

“This opportunity means a lot to me and my family as it helps to ease the burden on my professional career due to our many moves. Relicensing in every state has been a hurdle on the way to working towards my independent license,” said one recipient.

“Here at Corvias Foundation, we are proud to support these military families and their financial strength,” said Jen Sousa, Corvias Foundation Board President, and Corvias Chief Operating Officer. “Military families sacrifice so much, and it is energizing for us to support our families in a meaningful way.”

The 2024 scholarship awards total more than $20,000 in support of military spouses who are pursuing licensing and certification. The Corvias Foundation has supported military families through more than $15 million in educational scholarships since its founding in 2006.