Corvias, a Military Housing Association member company, kicked-off Phase II of its $92 million investment at Fort Polk to deliver 140 fully renovated homes and exterior renovations to approximately 1,000 homes by 2025.

“The continued re-investment into our Fort Polk community remains a priority,” said Pete Sims, managing director at Corvias. “We believe that having a steady focus on investing in back-to-back development plans allows us to consistently improve the on-post housing experience and remain the top choice for housing when families receive a Permanent Change of Station to Fort Polk.”

To modernize on-post military family housing, Corvias will demolish 45 legacy homes and improve existing homes with updated kitchens that will feature new flooring, energy efficient appliances, modern countertops, and more.  More than 150 homes already received new geothermal heat pumps, generating energy savings that can be reinvested back into housing capital, home and infrastructure improvements.