At Fort Johnson, “permanent change of station” (PCS) season means nearly 500 new residents are joining the Fort Johnson community this summer. Living in on-base housing helps ease the transition for service members and their families, offering proximity to services and amenities, and a tight-knit military community.

Fort Johnson’s military housing community of 3,600 homes managed by Corvias are consistently rated “exceptional” by the Satisfacts resident satisfaction survey. With offerings that include resort-style pools, 24-hour fitness centers, and bark parks, new residents can quickly find a sense of community. This year, work is set to begin on another family amenity: a new playground in the Maple Terrace Neighborhood.

The Fort Johnson leasing office is ready to welcome new families during this PCS season

Residents new to Fort Johnson will benefit from recently upgraded housing, including the replacement of nearly 2,500 geothermal air conditioning units and recently built supplemental geothermal wells. As part of the same $34 million energy upgrade project, residents will benefit from the installation of efficient water-saving home features.

Corvias began a $92 million investment project at the base last year, resulting in 2,300 roof replacements, the painting of 1,00 homes, and around 1,000 gutter replacements. The next phase of the project has already started and will include interior and exterior renovations as part of the company’s efforts to modernize on-post housing.

“I like the challenge of ensuring we deliver quality products on time, with maximum efficiency and at the highest value. Our team shares a common drive for success, which is ultimately resident satisfaction, and I enjoy being part of a company that is constantly improving,” said Kirk Green, Corvias Operations Director at Fort Johnson.

Corvias is able to reinvest in the Fort Johnson community through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI). The MHPI program allows private housing providers to dedicate funds toward community improvement projects and use their private-sector expertise to execute projects efficiently and effectively.