MHPI partner companies are enhancing communication with residents across their portfolios. The Daily Press reports how Balfour Beatty Communities is using industry-leading technology to respond more quickly and effectively to maintenance requests at Fort Eustis:

Balfour Beatty Communities, which manages 881 homes on the [Fort Eustis] installation, has made several changes to boost quality and response times on maintenance work. Likewise, the Army has taken steps to improve communication and catch problems before new soldiers move in.

“I think the overall health of the homes has greatly increased,” said Lt. Col. Jason Day, commander of Army Support Activities, which includes housing. “We’re now looking at fixing systemic issues versus just doing Band-Aid patches.”

…Residents can now submit maintenance requests via a mobile app. It allows them to track work orders online and upload photos, Omrod said. In a key procedural change, the work order will remain open until the resident signs off that it is complete.

Apart from the annual Army survey, Balfour Beatty is compiling monthly results, which are encouraging.

“We want the feedback on an ongoing basis,” she said.