Transitioning out of the military can be difficult. Privatized military housing providers are dedicated to developing team member leadership skills and providing opportunities for upward mobility – especially for veterans and military spouses.

Military Makeover with Montel explores how employee-owned Liberty Military Housing provides careers for military-affiliated individuals serving 50% of all Navy and Marine Corps families living in Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) communities.

Phillip Rizzo, CEO of Liberty Military Housing, explains:

My grandfather was in the Navy. My father was a missileer in the Air Force. My father-in-law was a Marine. I think the military does an outstanding job of creating – out of necessity really – the idea of developing each other and lifting each other up because it’s critical to the mission’s success that everybody be good at their jobs, and that everybody understands their roles. And our role, really, is to provide housing services to military families on active duty – mostly at Marine, Navy, and Army bases around the country. …One of the things that makes Liberty unique is the concentration of active-duty, spouses, and veterans that work with Liberty Military Housing, giving us a unique perspective.

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