7-year maintenance history gives privatized military housing residents unprecedented transparency

The 7-year maintenance history provides unprecedented transparency to service members when deciding where to live as they transfer to a new duty station. MHA member companies have been working with the Department of Defense and respective service branch partners to develop and roll out an easy-to-understand 7-year maintenance history of a home.

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Investing in long-term solutions to help combat the impact of extreme weather events on military housing infrastructure

In recognition of Earth Day, the Military Housing Association (MHA) is bringing attention to severe weather conditions that impact mission critical programs like the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) and the steps leading military housing providers are taking to protect military housing communities.

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MHA’s Year in Review: Strengthening Military Housing Communities in 2020

Few people could have predicted the challenges caused by the pandemic. Despite the pressures and uncertainties, service members answered the call to serve each and every day. To support them, Military Housing Association (MHA) member companies and their staff worked tirelessly to provide essential housing services for service members and their families.   

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Your voice matters! Military housing providers encourage families to participate in the annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey

The Military Housing Association urges privatized military housing residents to participate in this year’s Tenant Satisfaction Survey. The MHA hopes that encouraging household participation will give the Department of Defense and their housing partners the feedback and data they need to ensure privatized housing goals for the next year meet the expectations of residents.

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Creating more sustainable military housing communities

The Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) partners remain strongly committed to advancing the Department of Defense’s energy security goals by increasing the sustainability and improving the energy performance at military housing communities. 

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